Our Training Arm

FCG has made it its main goal to assess the needs and problem areas of companies to eventually help these companies solve the problems. 

Our holistic approach has consistently received positive feedback from clients. Our staff are experienced in a wide range of industry specific skills and training delivery techniques. We have so far been active in conducting training within the business spheres of: 

FCG’s long experience as a recruitment and staffing firm continues to deepen its understanding of what drives efficiency and which areas distinguish a good company from a great company even in the same industry. Our research points to one single factor; staff productivity! So far, the training we provide, has consistently proved to increase productivity as well as retention of employees to our customers. 

Our training areas include

FCG's training arm has been fine tuning its training content and delivery over the years to make your time worthwhile and give the greatest value to your money that you probably have spent reluctantly on continuous on-the-job professional trainings.  

Today, we are venturing into the banking and insurance industry to improve financial institutions competitiveness in the face of market uncertainty. We know our ‘Customer Service Training to Banks/Insurance companies’ will do just that.